People often lose their feelings before they regret

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People often lose their feelings before they regret

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People often lose their feelings before they regret not cherishing them. Treating people and things is like this. Treating water resources is even more so Marlboro Lights.Probably last summer, I don��t know why, our community has stopped for 3 days of water. In the evening, I returned to my home happily. I wanted to wash my face and lower the temperature. Unexpectedly, I opened the faucet and dropped only a few drops of water. I never responded. what! Is it stopping water? I shouted: "Mom, is it stopped?!" "Is it?" Mom quickly came over from the living room and tried the faucet. She said, "Isn��t it, it��s really stopped! How to stop the water? "I thought about it," suddenly realized that "Yes Wholesale Cigarettes, this morning, the small blackboard at the entrance of the community said that I have to stop three days of water, but I will forget this when I go home." "Hey?!" My eyes ��I have to go round: "How can we solve our food? How do you brush your teeth?" "I have to go to the restaurant outside. I have to wash my face and brush my teeth. I will buy a few bottles of mineral water for a while!" said the mother helplessly.I used to think that "water" is a very common thing to take, even without tempering to waste, but now I find out how valuable it is. Because there is no water, the tableware is full of the whole dish; because there is no water Cigarettes For Sale, dirty clothes in the washing machine, you have the squeezing of the site; because there is no water, you can't wash it after going to the toilet; because there is no water Marlboro Gold Pack, the delicate green flowers Low head high...I finally passed through the dark three days, watching the dishes, clothes and flowers that were washed out by the water. I can��t help but feel that people must learn to cherish before they lose, and then don��t regret it.Finally, I passed the three days of water stoppage."Hey, mom, wait a minute!" I ran to the kitchen Marlboro Red, took over the rice water that my mother was preparing to dump, went to the flowers, poured the water into the pot, and said to her mother, "This is called saving!" After I washed my feet, I washed my feet without hesitation. After this water stop, my family��s foot washing water left to flush the toilet. Mother washes clothes and pays attention to saving water...In order not to let the last drop of water on the earth become our tears, we will not know how to cherish it until we lose it. Let us save every drop of water from now on and cherish this beautiful blue planet.Comments: Because of the three-day life of water stoppage, the author deeply understands the importance and value of water resources, and thus begins to start from himself, practice and save water. This article draws from life and the content is authentic. The language is simple and come. The center is profound, inspiring and intriguing.
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