The bells of the years swayed

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The bells of the years swayed

Новое сообщение ylq » 22 сен 2018, 04:29

The bells of the years swayed in the clock "tick, ticking...". Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, a blink of an eye, six years of time has passed quietly, I am about to leave my lovely alma mater, enter the third "home" of my life - middle school. Looking back on the past, some make me unforgettable; some make me relish; some make me happy; some make me sad... whenever I remember the past Marlboro Cigarettes Online, my heart can't be calm for a long time. The ups and downs that have been experienced in the past six years, noer and long, every morning, there is an "early" word. Every time you go to class, you can have fun together; every morning reading, everyone��s books are screaming; every failure, there are encouragement from the students. Every time I get sick, I have a greeting from my classmates. If I say the difference now, I am really reluctant. I am a teacher and a classmate. In these three years, our classmates are familiar with each other. What I am most reluctant is Teacher, do you remember the previous basketball game? Our hard practice, a drop of sweat from the cheeks, sweating, and finally, the Emperor pays off. Our class won the first place. I like to have a burst of laughter in the classroom. I still remember my math teacher, Teacher Deng, who let us meticulously do whatever problems we encounter. Every question must be refined Newport 100S. Students don��t understand the problem. She will tirelessly explain it to you. Because of this, we The mathematics scores of the class have always been among the best. I also understand her intentions very well. And my classmate Cui Bin, we spent almost every weekend, watching movies together, swimming together, dancing together, and being happy with him for a minute Cigarettes Online. After six years, I am about to rise to junior high school. Will there be students who eat sugar in class? Will there be previous laughter? Will there be a good morning before? In the strange face of the new teacher Cigarette Online, the teacher of the eye... ah! My alma mater, under your "education", I got friendship and true feelings. My time at my alma mater is running low. I will cherish the present time and walk in the corridor. I heard the book of Lang Lang in my ear. Sound, on the playground as if I heard our laughter and laughter, every place in the school is me unforg, I want to thank you for giving me happiness, giving me happiness, giving my family the warmth, and teaching my life. With the junior high school in the future, will there be the previous six or three classes? Will there be six or three classes of sugar together? what! My alma mater Marlboro Gold, ah! My elementary school life.
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