lies, the sun and the moon are lik

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lies, the sun and the moon are lik

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Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. The life of the elementary school is about to end. It��s a bit of a memory to rnd bright classroom; I am about to leave the picturesque campus; I am about to leave the teachers and classmates who are getting along with each other, and my heart will have unforgettable emotionsabout going to Zhongshan City for a winter vacation in the fifth grade. At that time, accompanied by a parent teacher, we followed the tour group to play in Hong Kong. Originally, we had to relax happily, but because of a small matter, I played with my classmates. The process of the incident is like this: At the beginning, the two classmates in our class were quarreling. Then I went to persuade with another classmate, but persuaded to persuade us to become two of us quarreling, and then we both because When I got angry, I started to fight. In the end, I lost both sides, and I went back to my own room. Later, after playing for a few days, this incident affected the mood of both of us. Later, I thought about it, everyone. One, it��s not worth fighting for such a small thing, and it��s the friendship between our classmates that made us apologize to each other and aident, because we are not mature. And then we reconciled, because we all have a tolerant heart that can accommodate each other's shortcomings Marlboro Cigarettes. This made me unforgettable. It taught me how ith sweat to grow up happily. It is your use of knowledge to moisturize our heart that is eager for knowledge... In the past six years, after the hard work of the teachers, we not only learned the knowledge in books, but also laid a solid foundation. Learning skills, but also know a lot of trt forget the friendship between us, and I can't forget the time we spent together. Looking back, it was a colorful yesterday. Yesterday, we had our struggle in the examination room; yesterday, we had competition on the court; yesterday, there was our argument in the classroom; yesterday, there wlife! Every morning, the students arrived at the school on time to make an early reading Carton Of Marlboro Reds. When the bell rang, the students quickly stood up and went downstairs. During class, the students listened carefully and raised their hands actively. After school, the students were active on the playground. The figure of sports... The annual school sports meeting is even more exciting. During the various sports, the cheers and cheers of the students on the sidelines were deafening. The players on the field followed the rules and strived for the first Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. They insisted on the principle of friendship first and the second game Newport 100S, as if a small Olympics were being held Marlboro Gold. This is the campus life I am familiae, unforgettable primary school life taught me all kinds of things.
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