Learn Lei Feng's good example and be loyal

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Learn Lei Feng's good example and be loyal

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Learn Lei Feng's good example and be loyal to the revolution..." Whenever I hear this familiar song, we will think of Lei Feng and think of Lei Feng's spirit. However, I can't help but think of the "Lei Feng" around me. Please be patie of last year, my mother and I took the bus to Qingyang. Just got on the bus. I managed to find a seat and I was happy to ask my mother to sit down. I continued to wait for the seat. After one stop, I came up with three more people. Where is the grandmother sitting? I thought about it Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Suddenly a sudden brake, the old grandmother stunned, I quickly put her on, thinking: If someone makes a seat to the grandmother how good! Just at this moment a crisp voice came to my ear: "Apo Cigarettes Cheaper, sit in this position!" I looked up and saw a middle-aged woman standing up with a smile, asking her grandmother to sit in her position. Ah, isn't she "Lei Feng"? I am so happy that I am proud of the "Lei Feng" around me Marlboro Cigarettes Online, because she is my mother. Oh, I am not the king to sell melons, self-selling. In fact, in normal times, if there is any difficulty in our neighbors Marlboro Red 100S, mymple. Not long ago, after one afternoon of school, it was raining heavily, and the students were taken home by the parents. I and Xiaoli stood in the hallway and looked at the wide rain curtain, hoping that the rain would stop soon. I also hope that my mother will pick me up soon. After a while, a familiar figure appeared in the rain and fog, ah, it was a mother! When my mother saw me with my classmates Newport Cigarettes Coupons, she told us to go home together. Xiaoli said: "Auntie, my home is in different directions from you, let's go first!" Mom said seriously: "Nothing, we will send you home first." Xiaoli also deported, and her moaround me. This may be a special point. In fact, there are many "Lei Feng" around us. There is a special shop in our school. Every year, the students donate their own pocket money to help them buy school supplies. In general, they have established hand-in-ha example, let us have more "Lei Feng" around us, let us carry
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