When the plum blossoms are raining

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When the plum blossoms are raining

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When the plum blossoms are raining, the frogs in the grass ponds are everywhere..." In the classroom, the students read the sounds of the students. I can��t help but think of the little things I��ve been with at school in the past year: we��re serious in class together. Listening and speaking, actively raising hands and speaking together; also running, chasing, and playing together on the green grass under the blue sky. Su Shi��s famous sentence, ��The ancient great cause, not only the talents of the world, but also the tenacity "Become our common motto, hanging on the dust-free walls of the classroom Carton Of Marlboro Reds. Every time we encounter difficulties in lgether, I deeply felt the teacher��s love for my classmates, the strong friendship between my classmates and the enthusiasm for learning from you. These are printed on me. in miortunate news: a big brother in high school unfortunately had cancer, but his father died, only his mother took him to school. As a result, the school held a fundraising event, allowing each classmate to voluntarily pay for their love. When our classmates heard this, none of them frowned, they sympathized with the big brother, and more, they thought about how to help him. I came home from school that day. I originally wanted to ask my mom and dad for money. I can change my mind and think that I am helping others and should solve it myself. So, I took out my own piggy bank and poured out one of my usualto pay the money to the life committee Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I hope I can help a little bit. What surprised me was that most of the students in the class used their own pocket money Carton Of Newports. They rushed to the life committee, as if they were afraid that they could not help. One of the classmates generously donated 100 yuan to the students who voted for him, but he said modestly that it is appropriate to help others. There is nothing worthy of everyone to praise him. Through this incident, I felt the enthusiasm and helpfulness of our classmates. The school is like a big family. All the classmates are brothers and sisters. We help each other and are s very poor, most students only 70 points. Teacher Zhu, who taught English, left us all in the afternoon, and told us again and again, and gave us the method of listening to the phonetic symbols and backing words. Some students don't know how to raise their hands, she will be more patient and careful, until we all understand Newport Cigarettes Price. After school that dayI am proud of and proud of. I have learned a lot of knowledge here and I know a lot of truth Marlboro Red. She is like a plane, full of hope, and takes us to a better future. If the life when I first entered middle school is a blank piece of paper, now the white paper must be filled with colorful balloons and flowers, recording one story after another here, I love my school, my alma mater. - People's Middle School! !
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